The Clever Way To Study Abroad And Be Positioned For Success

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This course is aimed at Nigerian (international) students studying postgraduate courses abroad (UK).

When I made a similar transition about four years ago, there were a  number gaps that meant that I was somewhat disadvantaged. It took me a while to realize my disadvantage and work around it.

I succeeded in making the most of my study abroad and secured a job with the number one University in the world.

Having seen a lot of people fail to make the most of their time as  master’s students abroad, it dawned on me that I have something unique to share that could change the narrative for many others. And so I put together an online course to help you position yourself for the best outcome possible.

No master’s student going abroad to study for the first time should miss this resource, invest in your success and you’ll be glad you did!

What's included?

5 Videos
4 Texts
Oby Bridget Azubuike
Oby Bridget Azubuike
Quantitative Researcher, University of Oxford

About the instructor

Currently a Quantitative Researcher at the University of Oxford. She obtained a BSc Hons in Economics and Statistics at the University of Benin in Nigeria and MSc in Economics at the University of Sussex. Oby is an education enthusiast, she is a cake lover, enjoys research and data crunching. She loves to use her experiences to help and inspire others.

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